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5. Bigchurch

If you are searching for a Christian dating site, it is hard to ignore the many benefits of the website. It states that its goal is to “bring people together in love and faith,” and this is backed up by the site’s specialized search features and focus on Christian membership. The site is loaded with excellent features to support a search, but most of them are only activated when a membership is purchased.

The website is worth the cost of the membership plans, however, because it is such a targeted way to find potential dates and romantic relationships. It is also great because the focus is on faith-based relationships that can also include Bible study partners, pen pals, and friends too. Everyone can search for free, but it is when you buy a membership that you can send winks, use the in-house messaging, conduct chats, and enhance your profile in order to attract more attention and get more results. For example, you can actually request to have a spotlighted portfolio or to rank highly in local searches too.

Chances of Finding a Date:
The website is built around the premise of faith-based relationships. This means that everyone with whom you interact will already have a great deal in common with you. When you partner that with the fact that searches are extremely targeted and to your specifications it guarantees good results.

Like so many of the finer Christian dating sites, the website has a good privacy policy and high standards in terms of the photographs and text it publishes. Everything is screened for decency and appropriateness, and this means you won’t ever have to be exposed to lewd images or inappropriate language. The site also guarantees that banking and personal data remain confidential and secure.

Creating a profile is similar to the processes followed at almost any other dating site. You answer some fundamental questions about your looks, your background, and your religious preferences. You then have a chance to add some custom text that explains what you want from the site and more. Once your profile is created you are taken to your homepage where you can explore the thumbnail images of compatible and local matches. If you want to get more detail about a specific listing, however, you have to pay for your membership. There are Gold and Silver programs with the six month Gold membership providing the best rates and the widest array of services and features. We recommend this option, especially if you are just creating an account and want to draw attention to the profile.
User Search Experience:
Anyone relying on the website is going to get good results. This is because the site has a clear cut mission that allows all of its members to avoid having any worries or concerns about inaccurate profiles or people with ideals or beliefs far outside of their own. Consider the most basic dating websites, and how they tend to emphasize someone’s looks, income, or desire to have fun. These sorts of profiles may paint a totally inaccurate image of the real person and it is only after spending or wasting time that the online Christian dater will discover the truth. Now, consider this website and how it is focused primarily on the “common ground” of Christianity and Christian beliefs. Then consider that it moves members forward in their online relationships in terms of life goals, location, interests, and more. This means that matches are far more likely to succeed through than through standard dating service protocols. It is impossible to compete with the kind of compatibility that those using the tools at this site will find.

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