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christian dating books

Christian Dating Books can be extremely helpful to those seeking slightly more in depth dating advice by and for Christian Singles. Today, there are many excellent Christian dating books available. As dating experts, we’ve already paged through quite a few and have taken a poll to see which Christian dating books are our team’s all time favorites. Here’s our top 5 list below:

1) I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris
2) Midnight Kiss: Simplifying Christian Dating, by Casey W Moore
3) World Wide Search: The Savvy Christian’s Guide to Online Dating, by Cheryl Green
4) Holding Hands, Holding Hearts, by Richard and Sharon Phillips
5) Waiting and Dating: A Sensible Guide to a Fulfilling Love Relationship, by Myles Monroe.

These books were all recommended due to their insightfulness and how well they have all been received by our editors as well as the general Christian community.

Why Christian Dating Books Can Help
Christian dating books can be a big help to those who are struggling with the idea of how to date as Christian. Oftentimes, Christian dating can become difficult, as questions arise in your mind. You may begin thinking about how God intends for you to find your ultimate partner, or what kind of boundaries you should set up in your dating relationships. Christian online dating (as well as dating in general) can be very difficult in today’s world. Fortunately, there are many fantastic Christian books that can help you to navigate these turbulent waters. These books focus on online dating tips, Christian singles dating, or even on some particular aspect of dating for the Christian. You will gain tremendous insight from the books reviewed below.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris:
An excellent Christian book related to dating, love and courtship. This is one of the best reviewed books, rating #41 at in the love and romance category. The basic idea Joshua proposes here is that most relationships are not started with God’s intentions and plans for our lives in mind. In fact, he argues, many times we are in relationships only for our own selfish reasons. This book is extremely honest and will help you to re-examine your attitudes, approaches and reasons for dating in the first place. The only laudable goal of dating is to find your future spouse.

Midnight Kiss: Simplifying Christian Dating, by Casey W Moore:
The main thrust of the Christian dating advice offered in this book is that dating needs to be seen as a natural extension of your spiritual life. Christians need to step away from all the ‘rules’ and ‘steps’ and start thinking of dating from a new perspective. This book is a bit unusual in the fact that it is written in a casual style. The author also includes many real life examples to illustrate his ideas. The best concept to come from this book is the idea that in any male-female relationship, both partners need to be growing together in grace and their spiritual lives.

World Wide Search: the Savvy Christian’s Guide to Online Dating, by Cheryl Green:
To paraphrase a reviewer, to find love in this new century requires both the Bible and the internet. With the rise of literally thousands of Christian dating sites, from subscription-based to Christian dating for free, there are a tremendous number of choices. This book will help you focus on your important goals and choose the right Christian dating sites for you. After reading, you will know how to stay safe on Christian dating sites, evaluate your goals and expectations before the first date, and find a genuine soul-to-soul connection through Christian singles dating on the internet.

Holding Hands, Holding Hearts, by Richard and Sharon Phillips:
Of all the Christian dating books reviewed, this may be the most practical. The idea behind this book is that by looking at Gods word and teachings regarding marriage, we can discover new approaches to dating. The patterns of thinking, acting and relating to each other in a Biblically formed marriage do not just magically appear. Indeed, they must be developed during the formative dating phase of the relationship. You will find the parts talking about how we should properly form our hearts fascinating. All in all, this is an excellent book in practical dating theology and very applicable for today’s world.

Waiting and Dating: A Sensible Guide to a Fulfilling Love Relationship, by Myles Monroe:
As Christian dating books go, this is a very practical guide, offering much advice that you can use and actually apply. Whether you are using free Christian dating or a subscription based Christian dating service, this book will be beneficial to you. Some of the topics explored include the need to be personally whole before dating, the importance of true friendship in a relationship and the importance of honestly sharing your faith in God with each other. You will also examine the myths about finding the right person and how to truly discern your proper mate.

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