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Christian Dating Services

A Christian dating service can be a big help in your search for your perfect match. Providing a closed community of Christian Singles engenders not only a comfortable atmosphere, but also a faith-based dating atmosphere with dating advice specific to Christian dating and Christian practices.  Of course, some Christian dating services do a better job than others. Our expert team has reviewed an abundance of dating sites to bring you this top-5 list complete with average customer ratings, unique features and a short overall assesment. Our hope is that this list will help you find the perfect site for your needs!

Chrisitan Dating Services Member
Unique Features Customer Rating Bottom
Visit the

Singles of Faith

christian dating service singlesoffaith

Christian singles looking for long-term relationships/marriage.

*Membership until married

*Excellent articles

*Tiered pricing


Wonderful website with a warm welcoming Christian community of singles.

Join Singles of Faith Today!

Christian Mingle 

christian dating services

Thousands of Christian Singles across US and Canada. *Online Bible 

*Excellent Customer Support

*Advanced Search


Affordability and User-friendly interface make this a great Christian dating choice!

Join Christian Mingle Today!

Christian Dating For Free

Christian Dating Service ChristianDatingForFree

Christian Singles in US, UK and Canada looking for serious dating. *Free Dating 

*Great Search Tools
*Featured Singles

4.5 Message boards, matchmaking system and safe environment makes this feel like a paid site! Join Christian Dating for Free Today!
Equally Matched 

christian dating equally matched

Christian singles looking for lifetime partners. *Bible discussion groups 

*Blogs and forums
*Large Member base

4.3 Great features tailored to Christian singles at no cost! Join Equally Matched Today!
Christian Cafe 

christian dating service

Very active user base serious about finding true love. *10-day free trial 

*Smartphone App
*Unique Advanced Search

4.0 Owned by committed Christians who actually remove inactive profiles, keeping the site fresh and safe. Join Christian Cafe Today!

Achieving Success with a Christian Dating Service

Christian dating is getting much attention these days, especially on the internet. However, before attempting such a journey, Christian singles should take a step back and consider their goals for using such dating sites. Taking into account your own personality and the type of person you wish to meet are important factors to consider as well. Of course, you also want to find a partner who shares your faith and attitudes toward spiritual matters. The most important thing when choosing a Christian dating site is ensuring it is authentic.

Finding an Authentic Christian Site:

There are some things to look for when choosing a site, whether it is a free Christian dating service, or a paid membership site. Is the site owned and run by committed Christians? Are there actually questions listed in the profiles about faith, beliefs, or moral standards? Many times, Christian online dating is done in name only and there is no genuineness once you get beyond the advertising claims. If the initial profile needs to undergo some type of approval process, that is usually a good sign. Another great sign is that inactive and obviously abandoned profiles are removed.

You should also take a look at the member base itself. If the site appears to be dedicated to young adults and college students, it may not work very well for a middle-aged person. Also, make sure that there are members in your country and area. There is such a wide variety of these services and sites that you will surely find one that meets your requirements if you just keep these things in mind.

Types of Christian Online Sites:

The most basic versions of these sites are paid and free. Each site needs to be judged on its merits, however. Many free Christian dating sites offer as many, or even more, features and services than expensive membership sites.

At a bare minimum, even free Christian dating services should offer basic searching, contacting and communicating options. The search needs to allow members to specify some desired criteria. Of course, you must be able to at least send an email and reply to those messages you have received. Of course, Christian dating implies an even higher standard. You would think that there should also be tools to help you (and your new partner) grow together spiritually. Tools such as forums or even bible study groups can be great helps. Extra features include instant messaging and chat services, which allow a very fast way of making contact. These are great because they really speed up the time it takes to get to know someone and to begin feeling comfortable with each other.

Using Christian Services Successfully:
After picking the right Christian dating service for you, approach it with your goal in mind. The first step is start making contacts. It does not matter if you use Christian dating for free, or if you are paying for membership. Begin by executing a search. Start with more general criteria. If you find it is too difficult to sort through all of your matches, gradually add in more specific criteria to your search.

The next step is to start making contact with these matches. You definitely want to remain proactive in your search. Do not stop and do not sit back and wait, expecting great things to happen. Even God cannot drive a parked car! Sending emails to your contacts can seem a bit scary at first, but this is the main way you will reach other interested singles. Sometimes a Christian dating service will offer pre-written email messages that are designed to get conversations started without much pressure.

You will find that eventually you come to a point where you have lots of logs in the fire, so to speak. You will continue performing searches, send emails, respond to emails and communicate with those you are already talking to. You should continue this process until you have met (in person) someone special. At that point, the real relationship begins.

By using Christian sites, you can find a like-minded partner in a much more convenient manner. You do not need to leave home for dates until you are reasonably sure that there is a connection and mutual interest. It is a great way to find a Christian partner today.

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