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7. Christian Lifestyle

Christian dating is a unique way of using the modern technologies of online dating sites. The ChristianLifestyle website is one of the faith-based dating services that seeks to introduce Christian singles looking for long term relationships, and even seeking marriage.Interestingly enough it can be a way of streamlining your search for love because it automatically aligns you with like minded people. It is not one of the free Christian dating services, however, but we believe that it is well worth the membership fees.

Though all Christian and Catholic singles are welcome to search this website and review its database, it is only the paid members of who can access the many excellent features available. For instance, like many of the mainstream dating sites, those at ChristianLifestyle will be able to send flirts, upload videos and photos, create a comprehensive profile, use instant messaging with anyone who is currently logged into the site, participate in forums, use chat rooms, and receive and send messages via the in-house emailing system. Clearly, anyone who follows a Christian lifestyle and who wants to meet like-minded people will appreciate such powerful tools for communicating with them.

Chances of Finding a Date:
ChristianLifestyle is known as a “premier Christian dating community,” and this makes it pretty easy to see how anyone interested in Christian dating for free will want to take a serious look at the site. When you purchase a plan and begin using the tools, it is going to automatically put you into touch with thousands of potential dates and romantic partners in your area, and this means that finding a date will be simple.

The has a very clear privacy policy and uses an “opt in” system for clients to receive messages from affiliates and advertising partners. The forums and articles at the site also provide members with a lot of useful information for remaining safe while visiting different dating websites and arranging “real world” dates as well.

ChristianLifestyle has an interesting payment plan that sets it apart from other dating sites. Instead of giving only a limited range of monthly membership options, this site lets visitors opt for a three day trial, a three month membership, or a monthly “roll over” plan that goes on indefinitely. This is a great way for those hoping to enjoy things like Christian chat, comprehensive searches for Christian partners, and tons of messaging to have access to such services on their terms. Rather than being locked into a site for a long period of time, a member can give it a test run and then decide if they want to commit or still rely on sites offering Christian singles free dating tools. We felt that the three month plan was the wisest choice for those who wanted to test out the system because it would be the most realistic period of time for conducting searches and beginning to communicate with potential partners or dates.

User Search Experience:
What about those searches? Are they effective? The Christian Lifestyle website really is a premier venue thanks to its many top quality tools and features. If someone takes the time to create a very detailed profile or to begin developing an extremely targeted search, they are going to find some very well-matched dates and candidates. There are some incredibly detailed drop down lists that can let someone specify whether they need matches that attend services regularly, have a family in mind someday, work only during the regular work weeks, and much more. By creating the ideal partner in this way, the profiling tools can really streamline the search process. Of course, it is just as easy and wise to keep things less rigid and allow the database to send back results that are based entirely on location or frequency of attendance at church services. It is also easy to customize settings in order to be contacted in the most efficient ways as well, and we believe that this is an essential tool for anyone doing online dating.

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