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When you first visit the ChristianMingle website you will notice the catch phrase right away – “Find G-d’s Match for You”. We believe that this Christian dating site really does deliver on such a promise because it uses a Christianity based search that allows members to put an appropriate amount of importance on their religious lives. For example, if you are a Methodist who wants someone who attends services as often as you do and who honors all religious holidays, this site is going to let you find just such a person.

Features: allows you to join for free, but when you are ready to begin communicating with potential dates or romantic partners, you will have to choose a membership level to unlock all of the excellent features. Members can connect in a handful of effective ways and rely on tools that “guide” them to the best matches. There are options for chatting by age group, instant messaging, posting to message boards and forums, and contacting members directly through their profiles. You can mail, smile, send cards, indicate if someone “sparks” your interest, add to favorites or include in the “friend” category!

Chances of Finding a Date:
Any site that lets you customize a search in the way that the Christian Mingle does is bound to provide you with good and suitable matches. Consider too that it is a site in which religious or faith-based searches are the focus, and that means that everyone listed is going to share some priorities or beliefs with you.

There is a strong privacy policy for those registered at the ChristianMingle site. This means that personal information and banking details are never going to be at risk. Because there are paid advertisements at the site it also means that membership information will never be sold and that members will never receive unsolicited offers.

When you sign up for a profile at the Christian Mingle .com website you are actually led through a very basic procedure. It is when you go ahead and develop your profile that you have to answer such a large array of questions. For example, you will be able to provide basic information, fun facts, match preferences, essays, and to use the color code system to find suitable matches quickly and easily. Because none of these options are available without enrolling in a membership, you will only be able to use them if you accept one of the offers made instantly available. The best and most affordable option is to accept the three or the six month plans that provide a long period of time on the site and deeply discounted fees. By choosing this, instead of a single month’s enrollment, you will give yourself time to learn how to use the site, to build strong customized searches, and to begin enjoying online Christian dating.

User Search Experience:
We give ChristianMingle a very positive review because of its ease of use, its powerful search features, and its excellent matching tools that truly partner people with the most suitable results. If you are someone seriously committed to finding a Christian partner for ongoing or long term dating, or even for marriage, you can realistically turn to this site for results. The ability to customize your searches and to ensure that your profile accurately reflects your personality and your interests guarantees that almost all members will be able to interact frequently with like-minded and compatible people. Many will find friends, but many more will certainly encounter good matches to their romantic interests and ambitions. The availability of such tools as prayer walls, COMPASS technologies used to guide people towards good matches, and testimonials of success add up to this site being a great opportunity for Christian daters.

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