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Christian Relationship Advice

Christian Relationship Advice Ten CommandmentsChristian relationship advice is something that we all need at times. When you decide that its the right time to start looking for the person that God set our for you to meet, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right path. This is especially true when you are considering online dating where there are are no clear guidelines to follow. To help guide you during your search, we are happy to provide you with helpful relationship advice for Christian singles which we believe will ensure you have a safe and successful Christian dating experience.

The Ten Commandments of Christian Dating

Know Your Goals
Honoring the Lord is the goal of all good Christian relationships. Make sure you know what you are looking for before you start searching for an online date. Make your intents clear and find someone who shares similar goals and values as you. If something doesn’t seem right, take action quickly.

Be Honest
The ideal blessed relationships have good Christians dating other good Christians. Therefore it is important to portray yourself accurately in text as well as photos. People want to see the real you! You’ll find that the more true-to-life your online profile is, the easier it will be to act normally toward potential dates.

Be Patient
If online dating doesn’t immediately turn up a date, do not lose hope. Remember that God is always watching over His children. Pray for guidance and strength, and remember that the Lord has plans for you. If you need to, feel free to turn to friends, family or clergy for their Christian relationship advice.

It’s OK To Say No
If you feel that someone isn’t right for you, don’t be afraid to let him or her know. Be open in your communication, and don’t wait until it is too late. If a relationship doesn’t work out, remember that there are plenty more good Christians out there. The Lord is always opening up new opportunities.

Respect Your Fellow Christians
Remember that you and your fellow online daters are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Lord. Make sure to treat them as you would your real brothers and sisters. Be mindful of what you post online. Remember that your online presence is a representation of who you are as a person. Make sure that your contribution to the world of Christian dating is a positive one!

Resist Temptation
A good Christian seeks a spiritual relationship, not a physical one. Do not give in to temptation. Never try to rush a relationship forward until both you and your partner are ready. Physical intimacy can wait until marriage. Having the strength to resist premature sexual relations will earn you God’s blessings.

Be Alert
Unfortunately, some criminals use online dating sites to scam people, steal identities and financial information, or even worse. Be alert about the people you meet online and the kinds of questions they ask. Make sure to review online dating safety tips to protect yourself.

Don’t Wait All Day
Once you set up your online profile, let it do the work. Checking on your profile all the time won’t increase your chances of finding a good Christian date, so do something else in the meantime! Sites for Christian dating free up time that you can now use for helping others and serving the Lord.

Have Fun
This is one of the most important pieces of Christian relationship advice we can offer! Remember that God loves you and wants you to be happy. The more positive you are about being a part of the online Christian dating community, the better your chances are for finding a match.

Praise The Lord
Regardless of whether or not an online relationship ends in marriage, remember that the Lord has accompanied you every step of the way. Be thankful for His guidance and always have faith in His greatness.

Relationship Advice for Christian Dating Online: The Bottom Line

Many Christians in search of Christian dating have turned to dating websites for the perfect, heaven-sent match. Although serving your church should always take first priority, a harmonious and loving relationship with another person could be the most generous blessing from God. Free Christian dating sites offer single Christians an opportunity to meet other Christians and possibly even find a life partner.

Christian date sites can be unfamiliar territories, but they are easy to use and navigate. This article gives ten tips for successful Christian on line dating. It’s important to remember that a Christian dating site is a dating service after all, and being a good Christian should always take precedence. By following some simple tips, it’s possible to balance serving the Lord and finding the love of your life.

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