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Even with the help that Christian Dating sites offer, it can be hard to be a Christian Single.  There are times when you may not be sure how to pursue a promising match, when to ask someone on a first date, or even which website to sign up for.  We understand that there are plenty of hardships out there for Christian Singles, but we also know that with a bit of confidence and some good dating advice, online dating can be not only easy but also fun.

So, if whether you are looking for dating advice for women or dating advice for men, we’re here to help. We welcome you to peruse our informational articles which we hope will help you find your way to finding a successful and fulfilling Christian relationship. And of course, if you can’t find the support you are looking for in one the online dating advice included in one of our articles below, you can always turn to your faith and look to Christ for encouragement and guidance.


In addition to our dating advice articles above, we’ve also reviewed various Christian dating services which serve specific branches of Christianity to help those LDS singles and Catholic Singles find the sites that are tailored to their dating needs. You can find our top 5 list of LDS dating sites and Catholic Singles dating websites by following the links below.  It is important to note that some of these sites offer free dating while others offer membership only via paid subscription.

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