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8. eHarmony

If there were a category for the most “well known” of online dating sites it would be hard to beat in terms of recognition and familiarity. Being famous, however, does not automatically translate to being the best. This review is going to look at the site in terms of its use as a good online dating resource, but also as a good tool for someone in need of a Christian dating site as well.

If you are familiar with online dating, you may already know that uses its famous “29 points of compatibility” to determine its matches. This is done after the new member takes the time to fill out a very detailed online questionnaire that addresses almost every possible facet of their life. This is why the site is so good as a Christian dating venue because it allows the individual to indicate the significance of religion and a religious life within their answers to the questions about faith. This allows the system to assign tremendous weight to Christianity and Christian ethics or practices when identifying compatible matches.

Chances of Finding a Date:
Estimates indicate that 542 marriages occur each day thanks to the system and site. Clearly, this means that their compatibility profiling system is going to align all of their paying members with the most ideally suited dates possible. This also indicates the importance of answering all of those questions accurately.

The website has a very clear privacy policy, and because it is a fee based service it does not sell its lists of names and email addresses to advertisers. The site is also a very rich resource for online dating tips and how to date safely in the “real world” too. This makes it both efficient and secure in many different ways.

As already mentioned, asks people to complete a very detailed user’s profile before they can begin actually using the site. This ensures that there are compatible people in the database and that they fit into the individual’s stated requirements. For example, you may place an emphasis on a Christian based relationship, and have dozens of matches in the database, but if you fail to indicate that you are willing to travel or even to relocate for a suitable marriage or romantic partner, the site may not let you know that you have matches. This means that you should try to be a bit flexible when answering some of the signup questions, but also remain as honest as possible too. The results from the detailed questionnaires are extremely valuable, and this makes the membership fees extremely reasonable. Currently, the lowest pricing is available to those who enroll in a full year of membership.

User Search Experience:
We believe that the success rate for is proof enough that the search experience is valid and reliable. The problem is that a lot of people are less than honest when answering the questions. For example, some people answer questions as they would “like” to be seen, but not as they actually are in their day to day lives. This means that someone may indicate a lot of importance in terms of religion or religious practice, and this means that someone hoping to do Christian dating will want to take the time to communicate through the site’s primary messaging system in order to really get to know someone before arranging a meeting. Though this site doesn’t demand photographs for the individual profiles, we also encourage the use of them in order to get the best responses. Whether a site uses compatibility or not, the appearance of a photograph in a profile increases response by around 15%, and this is just another way to enhance the results of a site such as this.

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2 Responses to “8. eHarmony”

  1. Carlo says:

    What an experience I had with eharmony! Only good things to say. After moving to a big city and having trouble finding ways to meet devoted christians, I decided to suck it up and join Within a few days I’d already met some really wonderful women and that weekend I went on my first date. I’m now dating a wonderful woman who I met on eharmony- 4 months next week!

  2. Johanna says:

    It took me a while, but I finally warmed up to the idea of dating via internet sites and I am really glad I did. It’s been really pleasant browsing and searching eHarmony- they helped me find great matches and already have Christian forums and groups for all different kinds of Christians . I joined the Catholic group and within only a few days found someone I think has lots of potential. But, I don’t want to jinx it- so happy dating everyone. Godbless!

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