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LDS Singles are frequently looking for online dating sites that make it easy and to meet other Mormons with like-minded goals. Today, with so many Christian dating sites on the internet, there are some wonderful options for LDS dating where you can make single LDS friends or sparks that ignite a long-term romantic relationship. Our editors have carefully reviewed numerous Christian dating services online and rated their features, sign-up options, customer support and success rates accordingly to bring you this list of the top 5 dating sites for LDS singles.

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Finding LDS Singles Online

When LDS singles first begin their online search, many do not know what to expect. Naturally, many Mormons are drawn to Christian dating sites, thinking that these may be good places to find other like minded singles. However, it is possible today to find dating websites which are particularly targeted to Mormons. In fact, there are some dating sites which only accept Mormons, and screen all of their members to ensure this fact.

It is recommended that you do an online search to find some of these best dating sites for Mormons. Of course, once you have a list of possible sites, you need to discern which ones will be the best fit for you. Sites that offers general Christian dating can be a good first step, but if your Mormon faith is important to you, then you need to find one which provides an authentically Mormon experience; a place that is true to Mormon teaching and that is committed to bringing other LDS singles together; a place where members can meet and mingle, and grow in their faith.

Mormon Dating Sites versus General Online Dating Sites

A Mormon dating site should definitely compare favorably to other, more general sites in the way they are promoted and run. For example, many free dating sites don’t take an active role in ensuring the success of their members. In addition, general dating sites can also be limited in the amount of features, customer support and service which they are able to offer a specific demographic. On the other hand, a Mormon site which is actually run by Mormons, can offer LDS members excellent customer support, dating tips, dating advice and even spiritual guidance. The level of member interaction will most likely be limited on a free site. Mormon sites will also most likely offer a monitored message board or forum, which will allow a high degree of member interaction. This makes it very easy to just join in and start talking and becoming familiar with each other.

General dating sites may want their members to be successful in dating; however, they don’t go any further than that. The main hope is that you find a nice date, but they don’t try to promote a specific kind of lifestyle. On the other hand a Mormon site actually wants their LDS singles to succeed, both in dating and in life. By screening prospective members, offering excellent customer support, and spiritual help (even through the ideas written in their blogs or forums) they show this commitment to their members every step of the way.

Keep in mind that dating sites catering to LDS singles tend to be very successful. By making users feel comfortable and giving them an authentic religious experience, these places have quietly built sites with an incredible sense of community and service about them. Some of these sites even offer information about missions available worldwide.

Other Advantages of Mormon Dating Websites

One of the biggest services which the online dating industry seems to focus on is that of providing either a strong or unique searching experience for their members. Part of the reason for this is because without an incredibly powerful search feature, no one would be able to find any matches! With such a wide variety of members, it can be a challenge to find other people who appear to be good matches.

On the other hand, if you are a Mormon looking to date other Mormons, it is much easier to find good matches on a site which caters specifically to LDS singles. In fact, since all of the members are screened, you already know that each one already shares your same faith. You also may properly assume that because they are using this type of site, they are interested in finding another person who shares their faith. This is a tremendous advantage. Just imagine all of the time that will be saved by no longer needing to ask someone what denomination they belong to, or what their faith is, and what type of person are they looking to meet. You also know that both of you have come to a place where your faith is looked upon in a positive light.

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