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4. LoveandSeek

If you are interested in Christian dating sites you should take the time to explore your options at Though this is not one of the free Christian dating sites, it has a lot to offer. The site is geared entirely towards Christian singles and allows its members to search by geographical location as well as by compatibility. This means that, unlike some dating sites, you will never be steered towards a good match who lives too far for a true relationship to develop.

When we discuss Christian dating for free it always means that there is no need for any sort of payment in order to access the features of the site. The LoveandSeek website, however, is not a free online dating service. Instead, you can join for free, create a complete profile, and receive messages from members. When you are ready to begin communicating with them you can then purchase your membership and use the many different tools. These include a lot of the same features from the mainstream online dating sites and include instant messaging, emailing, chatting, photographs, and more.

Chances of Finding a Date:
If you take a look at any other reviews it is likely that you will find them as favorable as this one, and this is due to the fact that if offers something remarkably different from classic dating websites, and that is a focused search based on Christian ideals. Because everyone is mutually interested in developing a faith-based relationship, the results are much more successful.

Christian dating services tend to be remarkably safe and secure places in terms of content and images, and LoveandSeek .com is no different. Because it is also a fee based service, it means that there is an absence of any lewd photographs or inappropriate language. This is something that also sets the site apart from many other dating sites as well. There is also a lot of Christian dating advice that explains safe online dating practices too.

You can sign up for this site extremely easily and quickly, and then begin browsing all of the available profiles for free. When you decide that you want to communicate using the many excellent profile features at the site, you can choose from a six month membership that puts your profile in the spotlight for the first thirty days, or you can just opt for a monthly “roll over” account that is a bit more expensive but which can be cancelled whenever you would like. Either system lets you have access to the emailing features, allows you to begin flirting with other members, lets you see which members have viewed your profile, enjoy the videos that other members post to their profiles, and to begin chatting freely with every member of the website. This is a good source of reviews too and lets new members know what to expect from their efforts.

User Search Experience:
Christian based dating is likely to yield more accurate results simply because both people are operating on faith based goals and ideals. This tends to mean that they are looking less at someone’s physical appearance and more at what they have to say about life, religion, and everything else. This, however, does not mean that profiles at the site should not include photographs. The site itself encourages members to post images and reminds them that many people set their custom settings to ignore profiles without photographs. This means that we too must suggest that anyone who uses this site, and hopes for the best results, will have to make a point of posting photos to their profile as well. When this is coupled with the specific criteria selected by members within their advanced search terms, it can really create great results that lead to successful Christian dating and even to marriage. If you are serious about finding the love of your life, we recommend love and seek as a good solution.

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  1. Chasidy says:

    Where is the facebook like link ?

  2. Mindi says:

    Terrific details! I have already been searching for something like this for some time now. Appreciation!

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