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9. PerfectMatch

Online dating is getting more and more technical as time passes, and you can see exactly how technology has been put to the best use at the PerfectMatch website. Here a paid member gets access to the proprietary Duet Analysis, and can use a huge array of features and options to find their most suitable matches. The only downside to the many features available is that all of them come when the member has upgraded to a paid membership.

Are the features of the PerfectMatch .com site worth the investment? We would have to say that they absolutely are! There are few websites that can compare with the sort of comprehensive details demanded of the member during their registration process. No less than a dozen separate questionnaires are necessary before the home page for the profile can be seen. Once there, the site’s proprietary software begins matching the member to their most compatible partners. In addition to this “Duet” technology, there are Ice Breakers to get conversations started, options for updating settings, and more.

Chances of Finding a Date:
With all of the custom search features and the Duet matching technology, we can reasonably say that those who have completed their profile will have a difficult time NOT finding a totally compatible date. Even if the results seem limited, there are options for adjusting criteria and creating three saved searches too!

The Privacy Policy for this membership based site ensures that banking and personal data remain secure. The lack of advertising also means that no unsolicited emails or spam will result from registration with this site as well. There are also many useful guides and tools for ways of enjoying the safest online dating experiences possible too.

Though we sing the praises of the signup process, we do need to warn potential members that it is a time consuming and somewhat thoughtful issue. You have to be as honest as possible and as accurate too. There are many screens of information required, and each question should be answered accurately. These questions are used to determine how you feel about family, romance, money, socializing, and many other aspects of your day to day life. You need to spend the time answering correctly if you are to get the most suitable matches from the PerfectMatch database. Though this can be overridden by the use of custom searches; that defeats the purpose of the site. When you use the registration process, you’ll get instant matches and you can then decide if a membership is for you. The cost is reasonable, but does lock you into one full year of membership.

User Search Experience:
We highly recommend as one of the “smartest” search engines available. It will allow anyone to ensure that their profile is a very accurate portrait of their personality and their requirements. For example, if someone is a dedicated Christian and wants to conduct a faith-based search for a marriage partner, this site will identify that without even being formally told. This is because the Duet technology allows the member to indicate the importance and value of things like religion, religious practices, and more. The member can also tag these terms in their custom searches to be doubly certain that all of their matches are well-suited to their personality and their beliefs. The ability to create three customized searches and to get email alerts whenever someone who matches the criteria is available also ensures that great results will come from using this site. We do feel, however, that Perfect Match is one of the Christian dating sites that require a persistent level of participation if it is to be worth the membership fee, and because of that we would say that it should be a primary resource in the search for potential dates or marriage partners.

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